We offer an emergency repair service for broken dentures. In most cases, if we can arrange the denture to be picked up in the morning, then we can usually have it fixed by the end of the same day. Complex repairs may require more time.

Please do not try to fix the denture yourself as this can make it harder to repair.

How Our Repair Service Works:

Call us on 9772 7268 to arrange an appointment. We will come to you to pick up your denture whether you are at home, a retirement facility or your workplace.

We can usually have your denture repaired and returned to you in only a few short hours.


We also offer an adjustment service to relieve minor sore spots. We know it can sometimes be difficult to get to your nearest denture clinic just to have a 5 minute adjustment. So make an appointment for our Dental Prosthetist to come to you!

Minor adjustments from only $60.


A denture reline is the resurfacing of the inside fitting portion of an existing denture.

You may find that your dentures no longer fit as well as they first did and this is common because the tissues in your mouth constantly change due to many factors including:

  • Ageing
  • Weight loss, bone loss and illness.

It is recommended that you have your dentures checked by a Dental Prosthetist every 2 to 3 years. This will help ensure your gums remain healthy and your denture function remains satisfactory. Sometimes, relines do not work and you may need to consider having a new denture made.

No referral necessary. We work directly with the public.


Private patients are able to claim rebates through their health insurance providers