An immediate denture is a full or partial denture that is constructed prior to the removal of natural teeth. They are then fitted by a dentist once they have extracted the teeth, allowing you to walk away with a perfect smile immediately.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures include:

  • Once your natural tooth/teeth has been extracted, you won’t have to be without teeth
  • Acts as a ‘Band-Aid’, helping to control the swelling and bleeding gums
  • Allows early establishment of speech patterns
  • Easier to adapt to wearing dentures by maintaining the position of the tongue, lips and cheeks
  • Being able to replicate the shape, colour and arrangement of the natural teeth while some are still present in the mouth

Despite the potential advantages of Immediate Dentures, they also come with the disadvantages below:

  • Increased cost compared to conventional dentures, due to the increased time required to construct the denture/s and their need for ongoing relines
  • In most cases it is not possible to try in a wax replica before the final product is made, this can result in some slight compromises with the aesthetics but it is important to ensure the dentures are structurally sound and function properly overall
  • Shrinking of the bone and gums during the healing stage (approx. 4-6 months) results in the need for the denture/s to be relined to improve the fit
  • Immediate Dentures are quite often transitional Dentures, which are replaced after 12 months

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